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    Earlene Gleisner

ISBN: 978-0-9845275-1-9
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The Marriage Bundle

by: Earlene Gleisner

First book of The Sacred Bundle series.


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Reiki In Everyday Living by Earlene Gleisner
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The Marriage Bundle by Earlene Gleisner
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The Spirit Bundle by Earlene Gleisner
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The Marriage Bundle by Earlene Gleisner is the first book of The Sacred Bundle series and offers universal teachings that urge all people to stand in balance during the coming changes on earth.

‘Feel the light pouring from behind the back of your head. Breathe in, now hold, then blow your breath to the center of the circle. As you do this, let your breath carry the color you have been holding behind your eyes, and stop lolly-gagging around. This is too important!’

These are the first words of Amach – a spirit guide – speaking through the mouth of Selena Howells in 1985. Although Selena, with Amach’s help has learned to understand and use her gifts as a psychic and healer, their relationship was so tumultuous, it terminated at the death of Selena’s husband in 1995.

Out of the blue, Amach returns to warn Selena of imminent danger to them both and offers clues that will solve mysteries in both their worlds. The Marriage Bundle begins the circular tale of intense relationships across time.

The Marriage Bundle is the first book of The Sacred Bundle Series, offering universal teachings to us on Earth and urging all peoples to stand in balance during the coming changes.

“There are many golden threads in the tapestry of this romantic, psychic mystery.” – Jane Anne Narrin, author of One Degree Beyond: A Reiki Journey into Energy Medicine.


ISBN: 978-0-9845275-1-9
Publisher: White Feather Press
Publish Date: 2011
Page Count: 388

Meet the Author

Earlene Gleisner is the author of ‘Reiki In Everyday Living’, a book of essays and poems, now in its fourth print edition and having sold more than 6,000 English copies. It has been translated into four languages and published in five countries: Sweden, Brazil, India, Finland, and Denmark.

In the early 1960’s, Earlene became a Registered Nurse, gaining an interest in complementary healing practices. In 1983 she was guided to the Usui System of Natural Healing. Under the tutelage of Rev. Fran Brown, she learned the importance of first healing herself in order to be able to 'offer one’s hands to others'. In 1988 she took her place as a Reiki Master.

In 1981 she moved to a remote town in Northern California, where she lived with her second husband and two children. Being in the beauty of nature and learning to walk more simply on the Earth helped to solidify her concept of finding a balance with the spirit and energy of all things. Earlene Gleisner became a Universal Life Church Minister, holding the belief that each of us is on this Earth for a purpose. Her most frequent expression of ministry is through the facilitation of wedding ceremonies. Her religious basis is non-denominational, and her spirituality is deeply rooted in Native American philosophy and ceremony.

“The Marriage Bundle”

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