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    My Soul Enslaved by Sheila Moore

    Sheila Moore

My Soul: Enslaved (ebook)

by: Sheila Moore

A psychic art journey through the pain of slavery and abolition.


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My Soul Enslaved by Sheila Moore
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Throughout time people have been taken into slavery, but the period of time through the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries became the most infamous.

As the European countries and Gt Britain started to colonise other parts of the world, slaves were subjected to long sea journeys and the best known one was the ‘Middle Passage’; this started in a British port, travelled to the African countries where slaves were purchased, and took the slaves to the Americas where they would be sold and exchanged for goods which were then taken back to Britain. There were also as many people taken on foot through deserts to the various Arab countries. They were not a set of statistics, they were people: people who laughed, cried, and were torn from their families just for the benefit of someone more forceful.

Sheila Moore has been a medium for over 40 years and mainly works through a type of art known as Psychic or Spiritual Art. A picture will be impressed on her and it will have a purpose that is likely to tell her why it has come through and what it means. Throughout the last 5 years, Sheila Moore has been drawing people who were enslaved and those who were abolitionists: she also received intense feelings (known as clairsentience) from these people who want their stories to be remembered so that we can fight slavery in our modern world.

Meet the Author

Sheila Moore is a Psychic Artist, Spiritual Medium and Reiki Healer who uses Colour Therapy to direct healing to people and animals.

Sheila first became interested in spiritual matters in her thirtieth year when, as a driving instructor at the time, she began having very persistent dreams. It was one of her driving pupils who suggested that she go along to a Spiritualist church to find answers. For the past 36 years it has become an important part of her life and her spiritual journey has led her to develop psychic skills of healing. By working with her spirit guides she is able to channel messages from the spirit world through her Psychic Art.

Today, she specialises in Psychic Art as it enables her to channel messages from loved ones and interpret them in a way that helps others gain insight into their current circumstances. Every one of her psychic art-forms is unique and individual, with its own special message from the spirit world and psychic guides, bringing to others direction, healing, increased abundance, clarity and insight to their lives.

Sheila Moore is passionate about serving others as a guide and healer on their special journeys.

“My Soul: Enslaved (ebook)”

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