New Stories and New Authors
On 5th June 2019 | 0 Comments

I am learning so much as I work with others who have the same beliefs and passion as I have, to put spiritual and inspiring words out into the media for others to read. It feels like sending sparkles of healing out to everyone that may need it at that moment in time. And we would all like a sparkle of energy whether as a written word or as a thought. A Sparkle of Love can make the biggest smile inside and it then flows to the outside. And when these sparkles also come on the wing of animals, angels and birds they are extra special.

It is exciting when new Authors come and join us, and bringing stories that are not only personal to them but are also inspiring to read.

We are putting together books from three Authors, Albert Rahare Lord, L M Powell and a lady already on the webpage  Kate Murphy. And are in talks with two Children’s book authors.

Kate had written Death at Dendera as one of our feature stories and this now can be read as an ebook and as a book.

Emotional Healing and Book of Self Celebration an interactive and a book of self expression by Albert Rahare Lord are just the first two that he is going to put on the webpage. And we are now proofreading a Meditation book which we hope to have some mediation attached in CD format or as a download.


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