Endless Advice From Self Help Books
On 22nd October 2019 | 0 Comments

We all receive endless advice from self help books, the internet and others in our lives that we can become over loaded. Because, when I wanted to put some self help booklets and eBooks together I thought how do I start. And this poem appeared in my inbox, I feel it reminded me that by bringing beauty back into the mind and body we can start to live in the Now.

 Don’t waste time reliving your past
or worrying about what may happen tomorrow.
Simply relax into the beauty
of this divine moment of your life
and know that only THIS moment is real.

Help can come from many sources, in words or pictures, sounds and even laughter. A story that may resonate without you realising it until later, accept the vibrations of energy it will assist you. See the beauty within, and send the healing sparkles around your body to light up your mind.

When you start to feel that there is a small light and an opening door then it can be right to put your thoughts onto the first step. Sometimes it is one step forward and one step back, that’s ok. As you step forward you can experience how different you feel. Maybe stepping back for just a little while will help you to realise that its not so bad on that first step.

Many Self Help author’s mentions how their life was and how they took that first step. They often say ‘If I can do it so can you’ and for some that is ok and a great motivator. Though maybe for you and others it is a little slower process. This is your life and as an individual you take the steps at the right pace for you.

Because each step is your growth and inner self help.

            See how far you have come, and feel the inner smile that walks with you on the next steps.


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