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Eve Birch

Eve Birch (frequently writing under the nom de plume Kate Murphy), was born in Enfield, London in December 1935. As a girl, Eve secured a scholarship to a Catholic School and it was there that her interest in Ancient Civilisations began.

Eve attended Exeter University, where she achieved a Certificate in Archeology, as well as a Certificate in Creative Writing.

At the age of 17 she went to work in Wood Green library. Between 1952 and 1997, she continued to work in libraries where she lived, becoming Library Manager at Waltham Abbey. Until recently, Eve worked as a volunteer at a local school, running the school library and listening to the children read.

Eve has always had a fascination with Ancient History and especially Egypt. On her first visit to Egypt, she felt that she “had come home”. She visited the country three more times and her fascination with Egyptology exudes from her writing.

Writing stories has allowed Eve to express herself and her love of Egypt. Her first story Death At Dendera, published as Kate Murphy, is included under Feature Stories, as are the first chapters of her current ‘work-in-progress’ Merit’s Story.

At nearly 83, Eve Birch is inspired to be in print and to be sharing stories set in a country that is close to her heart.

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