Are You an Author
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KelFox House Publishing is helping authors around the world to reach an audience. Do want your voice  heard, your words read, maybe to inspire and enrich the lives of others.

We understand how difficult it is for authors, particularly for the reason that so many do not get their words published. As a result of knowing this dilemma for so many authors, as that is what you are an Author. We would like to help undiscovered and self-published writers, to find their readership and to makes sales of their written works.

KelFox House Publishing will ensure that your books, eBooks and audio books reach a worldwide audience waiting to enjoy creative and satisfying works in highly sought niches. And without the unrealistically high fees charged by traditional publishers.

Think about it first of all, do you want your words read, re read and understood by other people, would you like more information?

Therefore if you write books, articles, poetry or short stories in any of the following categories, or even one that is not listed,

then we would love to hear from you.

Spiritual  ~  Health & Wellness ~ Self Help ~ Meditation ~ Alternative Therapy ~ Reiki

Inspirational ~ Historical ~ Paranormal ~ Travel ~ Shamanism ~ Religion ~ Children’s 
Poetry  ~ Inspiration Thoughts ~ Psychic Art ~ Also your Short Stories



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