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KelFox House is a new and very different kind of publisher, dedicated to helping writers share moving, spiritual and inspiring books with the world.

There are many stories within us; thoughts, words and feelings that, when written, can embark the reader on an emotional and empowering journey. Whether you have a full-length publication, or just a short article – words that have inspired you to feel more and have opened that closed space within you – then we are here to help you connect with your audience.

From novels and short stories to essays, thoughts and experiences, we want to publish your work for others to read, enjoy and learn from.

We have Books, Newsletters, Meditations, Articles, Audios and much more. Featured books of the month, as well as serialised books written by some truly inspiring people.

At KelFox House, our mission is to deliver Spiritual Words and Inspirational Thoughts in print, ebook, Kindle and audio formats.

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